Storm Warning 2022



    STORM WARNING 2022.    Canada, 2022.

    Here it is Spring of 2022 and I am still flying.  I made it to fly into one more calendar year.  A couple days ago, now at the end of April  2022, I flew a maintenance flight from my home base Windsor, to Kitchener as it was not crossing borders  I was allowed to due this trip. ( I am not allowed to cross back into Canada as crew without a VAXX uncontested )

    This trip was typical Spring trip and I was reminded that the weather, or should I say “climate forecasting” has been less than accurate most my life, and it seems no different now.  In cloud there was, as I expected flight into icing conditions.  I was lucky to fly a state of the art aircraft not only with top of the line avionics, but equipped with anti-icing equipment. 

    I watched as the ice build up and then shed off the wings until I flew clear beneath the cloud into the warmer air where icing was no longer a factor.  The powers “that be” have been warning that we as a society have been spiraling into death and destruction due to “Global Warming”…. Or sorry, should I say “”Climate Change”… because that would cover every direction that the weather/climate may seem to shift.  As a pilot, I have prepared myself to see these changes, in both directions, even though they may not have been occurring quite as predicted but in some other manner.

    While in Waterloo I met an old friend and he was just about to take off in a “War Birds” fly past for a fellow aviator who “died suddenly” due to an undefined “short illness”.  My friend told me they felt it was unexpected and likely a heart attack or stroke, but as he was older there would be no autopsy.

    He had been flying a warbird just days before his untimely passing he had said.    But it brought to my mind a number of my friends who have died since this past year.  These friends well, some died in a similar unexpected fashion.  Not COVID …. But strokes which are usually blood clot related and I suppose heart attacks maybe similarly caused.  Far too many in their 60’s… compared to what would seem to be normal.  It is a storm warning for life I suppose.  Do check the insurance death stats year over year for the past several. You will be shocked of the changes in magnitude just over the last year or so.

    While on the ground my old friend and I, he was an “MAFC” supporter, discussed what seemed to be like a world descending into hell.  A Prime Minister who has earned disrespect from around the world for his ham fisted handling of the Trucker convoy earlier in the year in Ottawa…

    Trudeau a protégé of the World Economic Forum (WEF) a poster child of Klaus Schwab its leader has stated that Trudeau and half his cabinet “are his”.    Check the links below.  Check out the 4th Industrial Revolution … and what his Chief Science Officer’s vision is for our future. 

    This my friends is YOUR STORM WARNING !  This group has been advocating not only a take-over of the industrialized West, but a takeover of Russia, and perhaps China by force if necessary.   But most likely through the use of technology, which makes him a technocrat.

    Our Dear Leader is in “Lock Step” and has been managing the pandemic pretty much as Schwab directs, and who also directs/influences the World Health Organization/WHO and who has been instrumental in setting the “health” protocols of the last 2 years… Worldwide.

    Read my previous Blog regarding the traumas my family endured, particularly my wife’s issues with her Mom.  Recently it came to my attention that both my adult children and their families, all of them have been ill with COVID over the last couple months, despite having been fully vaxxed and boosted…  How is that possible?  They didn’t get it from me, because not having been vaxxed I was not allowed to see them, or my grandchildren for fear of “me” getting sick so I was told.    They were fully protected right? 

     As I had decided to wait to see if the mRNA VBGTs now known as the COVID vaccines ( referred to as VAXXES hereafter ) before offering my body to this experimental Vaxx was safe and effective.  It was supposed to be safe and effective!  Remember?   It seems to be now neither safe nor effective!  There has been much censorship regarding views different from that of the “approved government” solutions that were supposed to protect us.  With new regulations this blog may be quickly censored and perhaps one day soon I will be taken to a “re-education” camp. 

    There is in Ontario a provincial election due shortly and I have looked at alternatives to the traditional parties that have had us live under non-scientific mandates, but political science mandates.  The current chief Medical Officer for Ontario, Dr. K. Moore has had a relationship, as many others in the “Ontario Science Table” have had with Pfizer. Any conflicts there? I believe they have been captured because somehow Ontario people are still being held captive by the effects of the Plandemic.  It is really has always been about the WEFs intention to institute  Digital Control system, digital ID.  Watch the non-answers when now independent MPP Rick Nicholls ask the government specific science questions about the Plandemic that are NEVER answered except for the Doug Ford/Trudeau party line ( yes they are different government levels and even different parties )….  Same answer  from Health Minister Elliot “Safe and Effective”.   Rick Nicholls to his credit has been one of the few who stood on the  principle of discovering the truth… and sharing it publicly in the legislature of Ontario.  Rick has now joined Derek Sloan in the Ontario Party and I support them and their drive for Truth, Transparency, Freedom, Family, and Financial accountability.  Follow the money…  Follow the silence. Demand a full accounting of the last couple years of the government instituted protocols.  Demand to see the science, and not just the government/WHO views, but all available science resources which have been heavily censored. Let’s find the whole truth… and nothing but the Truth!

    This is your STORM WARNING high winds are in the forecast and truth frozen from public view. 

    Canada like much of the Western World is on a path of destruction, led by the Global Elite.  Most of the governments of the western-democracies  have accepted and are attempting to implement a totalitarian one world-wide system of governance through the use of the COVID pandemic, climate change and threat of wars.  How, might you ask? Just watch as they explain “The 4th Industrial Revolution”!   This new system was just implemented in Ukraine and now Italy.  Where are we in this world- wide movement now?  Can you detect the “missing science” or shall I say the “Censored Science” that caused you to have to be locked-down, masked, isolated, and marked with a Vax-Port soon to be expanded in its reach to include your carbon footprint?   

    Is or was your health at risk?  Yes, both due to a bio-weapons lab manufactured virus but also due the mandates, especially the Viral Based Genetic Therapy injections used to herd the masses into this control system.  The mRNA VBGT as a vaccine is neither safe nor effective!  But worse is this system that when fully germanated will have you show your “papers”   (Digital ID) for the rest of your life at the door of each and every place in society you wish to publicly engage. Your FREEDOM is about to be lost… for all-time.  This is about control, and micromanagement of your life by the corrupted state administrations and the elites,  most of these people whom are unelected technocrats whom you did not elect to do this!  Do you really want to live like this?  Really?  As a Canadian, check out the Canadian and other science links below and ask yourself if you have been misled by the MSM (MSM=PRAVADA) and the political machinations of the few who would rule over you.  Can you do anything?  Yes! Don’t comply, and share this information everywhere!!!!!!!  Remove the Tyrants at the ballot box!!!!!!!

    The Big Picture as “they” see it! In their own words!

    Trudeau Betrayed Canada to this man’s corporation and vision!  Klaus Schwab WEF

    Humans are seen as hackable according by the WEF.

    General Masking issues … note that masks may cause some infectious diseases like lung-cancer, hypoxemia, and hypercapnia, and other associated health risk because of prolonged use. Also psychological issues.

    Dr. Bridle ( Guelph )

    Open Letter to University of Guelph from Dr Bridle

    Dr Trozzi

    Doctor Roger Hodkinson ( Alberta )

    Dr. Hoffes (Lytton BC First Nations Doctor, did almost the whole town and studied the results )

     MPP Rick Nicholls

    Dr Francis Christian ( Saskatchewan )

    Dr Julie Ponesse ( London, Western) bio ethics

    Open Letter to Catholic Bishops ( with many science links )

    Dr. Rochagné Kilian of Owen Sound where she has been an Emergency Room doc for almost 5 years in that hospital, 15 years practicing ER medicine overall.  Make sure you listen to the hospital CEO’s evasive statements to Dr .Kilian.

    Dr. Daniel Nagase   has been a doctor for over 15 years, he graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 2004.

    Dr Steven Pelech UBC

    Dr. Robert Malone  ( inventor of mRNA technology ). USA

    Dr. David E Martin

    Dr. Steven Pelech. U of BC

    Dr. Nagase

    CCCA Canadian Covid Care Alliance

    Dr.Lee Merrit ( USA  )


    Del Bigtree The Highwire   ( has many doctors interviewed ) EXCELLENT BIG PICTURE VIEW INCLUDES CANADIAN CONTENT VERY LONG….

    Other Websites


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