Is It Just Me?

Is it just me?  Or is everybody else gone mad? 

As a pilot I try and look for the reasonable.  I have guidance provided by officials. Transport Canada, FAA, medical doctors with respect to my flying skills and health…  Into my 50th year of my aviation adventures and I have never seen anything like this madness that has been laid upon the surface of this Earth as exists now.

There is much evidence accruing that indicates there is a huge rate of suicidal thoughts, and many are acting on those thoughts ….

You say YOU are alright?  Good for you!  Our society has worked hard over recent years to discredit those belief systems we shared as a society that helped us move through major traumatic events of generations past.  Churches (religious institutions) social circles and friendships have all been ditched with the instructive “stay safe”.

Many within the church act as though the “State” is the Healer.  Not much real belief that there is a God in control.  The trust in government technocrats seems to be higher than the trust in God.  Likewise there seems to be a push to trust in only the “approved” sources, as approved by the government funded MSM and the Big Tech Technocrats.  They would never lie to you right?

Never mind that just south of the border those people spent the last 4 years trying to prove Russian collusion and trying to convict the former US President of conspiracy.  The impeachments and assorted hearings did not yield evidence to prove those claims.   After all the failed circus antics of the Alt Left, they are still is trying to get us to think the most important thing in the world is to “get Trump”. He is gone but the obsession with wiping his memory from a societal collective consciousness remains. The same type of obsession that demands not only Confederate statues be torn down, but also Lincoln Jefferson and the like be toppled…. Because in “their day” they offended somebody in “our day”!

On a different track, I saw something shocking recently as I drove through the Okanogan valley today near Kelowna BC.  I was on my way to the airport from the hotel I was staying in on my trip with the company for which I work as their corporate pilot.

What I saw jolted my senses to the bone.  I slowed down to drive through a school zone, and noted the children out playing in the school yard… Freely …. No masks, some playing tag, some huddled looking like they might be playing marbles together not social distancing in any way.  It was relatively warm so my car window was partially down and I hear could kids screaming, giggling, and laughing as I drove by. All under the watchful eyes of adult supervision, who may have been masked but I was too shocked at what I was seeing to really notice them.

This school was a primary school, and guessing by the number of children in the yard I would guess over a couple hundred children in that school.  I was remembering my recent experience in southern Ontario when I had walked by a primary school in my neighbourhood   while walking my dog and I had noticed the young all masked up.  I remember the local health officials instructing us non-medical types to “Follow the science”.

I read the stats daily from the Canadian government, and you should too.

There is a madness in the air, and my escape from this reality is my profession.   Aviators as a group tend to be small “c” conservatives and optimists generally.  You have to be in a way, or you would never have become a pilot in the first place.

By the time you have obtained that left seat in that coveted aircraft you have endured and have succeeded at many different challenges.  Examinations and tests have indeed become an integral part of your life and you have had to be successful meeting those challenges in order to move on and up into the industry.  The way of life of the aviator is to, study, practice, analyze, revise, study, implement a plan, review, revise, again and again ….  Following the science as it were.

Once there you have new opportunities to view life’s horizons very differently both metaphorically and physically speaking.

Imagine, being in an airplane cockpit with an expansive view of the sky as you sail over the Rocky Mountains.

Imagine, departing on a late night flight in a rain soaked environment then climbing through the murkiness breaking through the cloud tops out to be on top the silver moonlight clouds reflecting brightly back at you placed underneath a multitude of stars above.

Imagine, landing back at home after fighting a strong gusting crosswind, with the final touchdown smooth as glass, and an intense release of the stresses that you had just experienced moments before as you roll to a stop on the ramp.

Life long relationships built through time with the others in our industry. A camaraderie that exists between pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, customer service agents, air traffic controllers, supporting family members, and the many others that we encounter daily through our daily endeavours.

All this still exist in a time when we mere mortals struggle with the madness surrounding us and have nowhere to escape, but up, at least for a few of us … if only for a little while.

Well I am blessed because as I fly I can look out and see the majesty of God who has created all that I can see near and far.  Just take a look around as behold…

Going Mad

G ( pump )     F ( Pump )

No rhyme nor reason to this mess

I don’t understand I must confess

Bend the rules let’s be clear,

Truth really means nothing here

G              A#          F

I   think I’m going mad


This is   all so bad …. So Sad …..


Say not, want not , you should know

Always seeing but never perceiving

Realities unseen leaves us hurt’n

There’s a Cabal hide’n behind the curtain

G              A#          F

I   think I’m going mad


This is   all so bad …. So Sad …..


Minds sewn closed locked down so tight

And you should never think that you should fight

Those whose speech you dare not say,

Or you find yourself all locked away

G              A#          F

I   think I’m going mad


This is   all so bad …. So Sad …..


We’re but shadows cast on sand

Over this once so great and promised land

Now love has been replaced by hate

To tell the truth means another fate



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