The Journey’s End 2021




The Journey’s End 2021 …  This is my Last Blog, of 2021, but most likely the Last Blog of my aviation career.

It was evening and the sun was setting on arrival into YUL (Montreal) earlier this year.   I was almost complacent and on this trip the boss was in the left seat, and I was in the right.  

The was setting and the encroaching darkness was illuminated by the city lights below.  I was looking forward to a decent meal and a bit of rest.  The boss was going to head downtown where he had made arrangements to overnight while on business with his daughter who had an apartment in Montreal near the University of Magill. 

As we approached the final approach fix about 4 miles from the approach end of runway 06R Chris, the boss and owner of the TBM selected the gear down.

As I watched him select the gear down while at the same time he was talking to the Montreal Tower ….I noticed that the gear did NOT extend.  Third time in a year.   We called tower and Chris broke off the approach and we proceeded southbound and then westbound on radar vectors that were to set us up for another approach and give us, or shall I say me time to execute the emergency checklist while Chris flew the aircraft according to the ATC instructions.  

With the checklist complete we were once again set up for the landing with the gear now indicating down.  I had a queasy feeling as we touched down and I wondered just a little bit if the gear this time would indeed remain down and locked.  Chris had a nice smooth touchdown and we headed over to FBO to park to the night.  Third time this year with the same result. 

In the rear view mirror now just another year 2021.   50 years a pilot.  I started my flying training as a 16 year old  teenager in Windsor in 1971….  With the year 2021 now all but over, I can now review how this year with its series of issues played out.  

Aircraft landing  gear problems, aviation pandemic protocols, forest fires in BC to contend with…. made this year just as interesting as the other 49 before it.  

I was in BC in the summer past in the midst of the heat and smoke that enveloped and destroyed Lytton BC.  This was occurring just south of where I was flying on company business flight into Revelstoke.  “The Stoke” to those who know.

Early in the 2021 Chris had been operating a Canadian TBM930, but upgraded it to the TBM940,  but this aircraft remained in a “N”  i.e. American registered rather than move the registration over to Canada. This made sense as most of our flying has been within the USA.  Also less expensive by almost every measure to manage and support an American  registered aircraft as opposed to a Canadian vessel. Canada is not aviation friendly or for that matter almost “any industry friendly”.   

This acquisition required me to acquire a US pilot’s licence.  So, early in the year before the new aircraft’s arrival I finally got around to writing my American Commercial Multi-Engine and Instrument Pilot Licences pilot exams.  Probably the last aviation written exams I’ll ever write. Lot’s of studying once again.   I wrote and passed my written exams in Florida while on a company fight in the USA before we took delivery of the American ship.  All this amid the Plandemic.

 It was a pleasure indeed to spend a little time in Florida where it was not only warmer but where people were not living in the fear of COVID in the same way evident throughout most of Canada.  Imagine being to walk into a store or restaurant without a mask, without a “Papers..Papers” without registering for contact tracing.  You would have thought that Floridians would be dying in the streets living without such protocols.  However they have handled things a little differently.  They understand herd and natural immunity.  They understand the use of expanded therapeutics which Canada does not.  They targeted much of their effort towards dealing with those at most risks.  Canada does not. 

Canadians are almost totally irrational and fearful, especially in Ontario where most victims are living under the huge spectre of media enhanced COVID-phobia.  Now it seems there will never be a normal without masks or scheduling just one more VBGT injection down the road.     

Endless restrictions on events, and holidays, and a general loss of freedoms and rights for an affliction that is 99.9x recoverable and with Omicron even less of a threat according to international researchers,

Am I saying that COVID is not real?  Of course, not, but in Canada fear rules over facts.  See the results of my research linked below.  Much of my information gained from high level Canadian academic sources and have indeed been censored by the MSM and powers that be.   

The world is being transformed into a technocracy, ruled by unelected technocrats initially utilizing medical protocols to bring the world under one world governance.  To understand the model, look up Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.    Look at his stated beliefs which are closely mirrored by Justin Trudeau.  If you want to know who/WHO is responsible for all this then …. Follow the money, follow the patents, follow the silence.

Check out  See who benefits.  Listen to Dr David E Martin linked below.

I had a trip into Atlanta Georgia earlier this year as well, and I was able to make it to the nearby Georgia Guidestones where a proclamation of intent on how the world is to run by global elites stands in granite. 


I was told that the Guidestones were funded by Ted Turner, and Bill Gates among others, but nobody really knows for sure.  But I know this, they are real, they are really big, and they have a really frightening message for all humanity.  Read line one, as that’s about all you need to know. For about 90% of us anyway.  They are  located in a farm field isolated in a pasture east of Atlanta.   After having read about them, I decided as I was overnighting in the area, I was going to see for myself. 

Being there…

See the picture and besides the commandments carved on the stones you can clearly see the effect of COVID on my waistline, since then has been modified for the better.   

I don’t know for sure who/WHO is managing world events, but the life we are living now closely resembles the EVENT201 pandemic preparation that happened in early Fall of 2019, BC, i.e. before COVID.

Sadly, my mother told me about the days when she served as a nurse in WW2.  She often mentioned that she hated how the Jews were singled out by the NAZIs with a health passport called “der ahnenpass”. She riled at the fact that “officials” demanded  “Papers!  Papers!” ( in German of course) I wonder how she would feel today if she thought her grandchildren are required to show “papers” for entry even into a McDonald’s for a virus that is 99.9x% recoverable?   They have to prove that they have complied and received an experimental Viral Based Genetic Therapy, (VBGT)called an mRNA inoculation! This is freedom we want for our children? 

By now you realize that I have seen for some time that there is more to this than just a virus.  ( Health or safety ) It is about control and instituting the mechanisms of control which will soon include Carbon Credit and other Social Credit Pass elements, electronically updated through the smart phones.  Just like in Communist China.  

Don’t get me wrong, because I do like the Chinese people whom I have met and trained as airline pilots for their country several of years ago.  Unlike Trudeau though I don’t admire a government that is totalitarian in nature.  Trudeau does, and he said as much.  Trudeau is one of many selected world leaders marching their countries towards this end. 

Along on this life with me on this flight called life has been Robin my wife of almost 44 years.  We have moved 25 times in our married life, mostly airline related moves.   She has been there…  At my side all this time.  Now she must choose a path… Follow the mandates in order to see her mother or maybe never see her again in the flesh on this earth.  Her mother is 96 years old, and has had 3 shots, and has had an adverse reaction after each one.  After the first one, a collapse.  After the second a stroke. And after the third she fell like a tree the day following where it took 18 staples to close the head wound that resulted.  Co-incidence … Maybe …  However, I know of many other such co-incidences in my circle.  

Poor Robin, tormented but the circumstance.  Get the jab, risk her health, or maybe never see her mother again.  Testing is NOT an allowed option.

My friend Mel, his brother-in-law died four days after his second shot, on his 50th birthday.  Several friends have had cardio issues or strokes shortly after their second shot, and always just a co-incidence.  Several friends have had cancers come out of remissions rapidly post vax.  

I had a slight heart irregularity a couple years ago that has resolved itself…. Naturally,  I am not willing to risk being one of the many who have suffered an unexplained adverse reaction, especially stroke or myocardia-infarction so for me no rRNA injections which if you review the data yourself which I have, will realize that they are neither safe nor effective.  Check the VAERS data for yourself. 

Simple point…. Do you remember “2 weeks to lockdown and after the 2nd shot you are done back to normal”?  Well that did not happen and I will tell you it WILL NOT EVER, and it was NEVER intended to happen that we go back to “normal”.    

Are the injections working?  I fear not because having had them, you can still acquire and transmit the disease.  There are NO long term studies regarding of the use of the VBGTs and there is zero certainty as to how the innate immune system will function or if it will even function at all say five years down the road.  

COVID or should I say the “COVID official response”  is more than just about a virus.  It has wrecked, economies, jobs, family relationships, friendships, and more.  But, also in so doing created new families and friendships where like-minded people are meeting up to work “outside the system” as it were.  New opportunities are emerging where there seemed like none existed.  That’s been my experience.  

If you got this far in my rant, then you can relax, and if you get the time read the links I have attached below and do your own research.  As Mulder says ( X-Files fan?) “Trust no one”.   Well I do trust in the Lord God… but not in Fauci, do you?

If you are wondering how COVID has effected my career. Most my flying has been transborder and mandates prevent me from continuing as more restrictive mandates come into force. In all fairness my employer has not mandated me to get the injections. He has been more than gracious in trying to accommodate me. I am grateful for that! But governments do issue mandates. End of career, maybe. I am in good company.

These is a song I wrote recently below, and it involves Winter Storms and Summer Breezes and my journey with Robin up until now.  It is the midst of winter and as I write this it snowing outside.  I am reminded again and again throughout the Bible that this too shall pass as I try and keep my mind on the Summer breezes yet to come.


Winter Storms Summer Breezes

I see your smiling face

In this time and space

Been so happy to have you around


Together or apart

We’ve been one at heart

Things mostly up sometimes down

Summer breezes following winter storms

Bring us closer together

Safe and warmed ( 2X ) Safe from Harm

Another Spring arrives

And we are made alive

Through those blizzards we’ve survived


Time is slipping bye

We  have traveled  by and by ( as we proceed or pass )

Onward towards towards the journey’s end we must fly


Time may erase

The silk of a younger face

But with age comes needed grace


I see your smiling face

In this time and space

Been so happy to have you around

A ( barred, with hammer on  E to A.)     BmF#  G#dim

E  F#  C#13  D6sus E6 sus

Research links  Canadian and Americans Doctors and Researchers Speak Out!

Canada like much of the Western World is on a path of destruction, led by the Global Elite.  The governments of the West have accepted and implemented a totalitarian style effort to implement world-wide governance through the use of the COVID pandemic.  How, might you ask?  Force every living human being to be vaxxed, thus identifiable through a world wide Vaxx pass, which will be expanded to include Carbon Credits and a general Social Credit type App/ID.  If you have opted for the VAXX Pass, then you facilitated the process.  Can you detect the “missing science” or shall I say the “Censored Science?”  

Is your health at risks?  Yes, both due to the virus but also the Viral Based Genetic Therapy injections used to herd the masses into this system.  But worse is this system that when german-ated will have you show your “papers” for the rest of your life at the door of each and every place you wish to attend.  Your FREEDOM lost… for all-time.  This is about control, and micromanagement of your life.  Do you really want to live like this?  As a Canadian check out these Canadian and other science links below and ask yourself if you have been misled by the MSM and the political machinations of the few who would rule over you.  

Dr. Bridle ( Guelph )

Open Letter to University of Guelph from Dr Bridle

Doctor Roger Hodkinson ( Alberta )

Dr. Hoffe (Lytton BC First Nations Doctor, did almost the whole town and studied the results )

Dr Francis Christian ( Saskatchewan )

Dr Julie Ponesse ( London, Western) bio ethics

Open Letter to Catholic Bishops ( with many science links )

Dr. Rochagné Kilian of Owen Sound where she has been an Emergency Room doc for almost 5 years in that hospital, 15 years practicing ER medicine overall.  Make sure you listen to the hospital CEO’s evasive statements to Dr .Kilian.

Dr. Daniel Nagase   has been a doctor for over 15 years, he graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 2004.


Dr Steven Pelech UBC

Dr. Robert Malone  ( inventor of mRNA technology ). USA

Dr. David E Martin

Dr. Steven Pelech. U of BC

Dr. Nagase

Dr.Lee Merrit ( USA  )


Del Bigtree The Highwire   ( has many doctors interviewed ) EXCELLENT BIG PICTURE VIEW INCLUDES CANADIAN CONTENT VERY LONG….

Another Canadian Financial Connection and WHO/who controls the narrative.  This includes Canadian Tim Evans, an Event 201 player…  Who now controls the Canadian Narrative.

Websites of interest.

 For more information contact:

MPP Christine Elliot,                                                                      Nov 29th, 2021

Minister of Health Ontario

David Metcalfe,

Leamington, Ontario,

Dear Ms Elliot,

As a constituent from Leamington Ontario, I wish to share with you some of my concerns with respect on how the COVID mandates as issued and enforced by the Governments of Ontario and Canada appear to be void of transparency and facts.  

In order to issue enforceable mandates, there has to be a burden of proof provided by those government officials, politicians and bureaucrats alike to the public to justify their actions.  Other than pre-scripted cliches, such as you spoke in the Ontario Legislature recently I have not seen you or any other public official present any peer reviewed studies based on science published by the government or its officials in support of these pronouncements.  As a matter of fact, you misspoke as some of your rhetoric clearly contains falsehoods, either intentional or not.  

Note that the Canadian Bill of Rights, under article 26 of the Charter (see attached) verifies that the 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights which are still in force.  Those rights are being radically decimated for an affliction which is 99.9X% recoverable for those under 80, and 95% for those over 80.    

The Government of Canada has relied heavily on the advice of Dr T. Tam who in fact carries into her decision-making process a conflict of interest in that she holds/held a position within the WHO as well as holds a Canadian position, which clearly carries an agenda more in sync with the CCP than what might be considered to be in the best interest of all “Canadians”.  Are you aware that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the Director-General of the WHO has significant challenges historically to his character and that he is closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party to this day?

Re Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Quick Check:

Re Dr. T. Tam

Quick Check:

The mandates and enforcement of them are not founded on a clearly scientific basis that should be visible to all.  This is because of the merger of government and corporate investigational and public reporting censorship, which is really fascism in the making.  When I have asked my local health officials about the science relating to these issues I get “brushed off” as an anti-vaxxer which I am not. 

The Canadian medical/hospital/pharma complex is backed by not only government, but with the mainstream media control of the narrative that allows only one perspective i.e., only the costly “vax solution” for this pandemic. No early intervention therapeutics.  Why not?

The narrative producing MSM is an industry which has been heavily funded by the Trudeau government over the last several years so do you expect any objectivity from that industry? 

That is why I am going to supply you with names of some “Canadian” doctors who are on the higher end of the knowledge spectrum in Canadian academia concerning the pandemic pathologies along with some links that you need to review. This would broaden your awareness of some of the scientific issues that are of concern.   Even though you may claim not to know or believe these doctors, you should be aware of their medical perspective as much of the Ontarian public has begun see clearly and to understand awakening from their media induced sleep.  

Consider some of the work by Canadian doctors and researchers … such as but not limited to;

Dr. Bridle, ON                                                             (see attached research links)

Dr. Hoffs, BC

Dr. Hodkinson, AB

Dr. Christian, SK

Dr. Kilian, ON

Dr. Nagase, ON

Dr. Bernstein, ON

All of whom named above have risked their careers to help inform the Canadian public of additional scientific and practical aspects surrounding the COVID pandemic.   In so doing they have proven that the Canadian medical establishment has pretty much decided NOT to look critically at all the science that they should.  A singular viewpoint in science, is NOT a good thing. You know that.

Can you provide me with the reasons why doctors and hospital practitioners do not have Ivermectin made available to Canadians who may be in the early stages of a COVID infection as a therapeutic?  

I can provide you with links to peer reviewed studies illustrating the success of its use worldwide in fighting COVID especially in its earliest stages. If you think this is just a “horse paste” than you have been grossly, maybe even criminally misinformed on the matter by the MSM, including the CBC, CTV and the Global media organizations as well as your own government “officials”.  How much does Pfizer, and the other big pharma-companies contribute to the Canadian MSM advertising accounts each year?  How much does big pharma donate to our Canadian institutions of hospitals and higher education each year?    

Regarding specifically Ivermectin, do you know the inventors of this effective medication won a Nobel Prize for this invention, and has decades of safe use?   

However, as you likely do know, an effective therapeutic negates the need for an “interim approval” in Canada or “Emergency Use Authorization” in the USA of the mRNA viral based gene therapies which seem to have a multitude of side effects, which you deny, and of which many if not most adverse reactions in Canada remain undocumented.  The Ontario/Canada VAERS reporting is all but non-existent.  I have family and friends who have had VAX related injuries that fit in that category.   Check out Ontario MPP Randy Hillier’s daily expose of the carnage of the side effects. 

Quick Reference:

Some of friend and family experiences related to COVID and the VBGTs are as follows;

I have a friend who founded a Christian College in India and is now living in Canada and he will be happy to tell you about what has happened in India with the recent use of Ivermectin.  He would share with you a reality that you probably have not been made aware of here in Canada because of the intended silence of the MSM… i.e.  and your government officials!  Perhaps even you ! 

Ivermectin could kill the pandemic and all its unnecessary protocols in a very short time.  It did for Uttar Pradesh, a state within India of some 240 million people.  ( see this link now  )

Just think no more need for Vaccine Passports, or loss of individual basic human rights and freedoms! Unless of course that is what you want.  Is it?  No more serious adverse reactions to the VBGTs that seem to be difficult to effectively report and track.  Unless of course that is what you want.  Is it? 

Our federal government leadership describes Canada as stated i.e., by Justin Trudeau… to be a “Post National State” and that same leader has stated same he loves the fact that China is a dictatorship,  and can turn its country/economy around on a dime.  Also Mr. Trudeau has publicly stated an ulterior motive or use for the COVID pandemic as a means to provide help in facilitating the Klaus Schwab vision of the WEF’s   “Great Reset”   implementation upon Canada.  Are any of these views shared by you?  

Can you please provide to me unredacted contracts between the Government of Canada, and the Government of Ontario, with the contracted pharmaceutical companies supplying the vaccines to Canadians/Ontarians?  Public information, right?  If not, why not? 

Imagine wanting to use the pandemic as an opportunist political tool, that would help to “Build Back Better”.  I would rather call it a “shoehorn…”  to facilitate the WEF/UN agenda.  I am sure you have checked to sources funding of the CDC/FDA in the USA, right?  Any Red flags there?  

Can you please provide to me any financial information regarding the financial links of the Canadian or Ontario Governments or its ministers including PM Justin Trudeau might have with Acuitas Therapeutics of Vancouver BC?  

To claim the VBGT mRNA inoculations for COVID are safe and effective have proven to be false.  You may recall even speaking that rhetoric yourself in the legislature of Ontario…. Perhaps you correct me if my understandings are wrong.  I will ask you please define “safe and effective” in absolute terms?

Being a political person of course you may feel it is necessary to just “repeat the party line”.  This is NOT satisfactory in these times.  You are charged with protecting and serving all the people of Ontario not just the international agencies such as WEF, the UN, or their corporate masters such as Pfizer, Moderna and the others whose primary interest is profit and control.  

By furthering falsehoods, you have added terrible injurious health risks to the people of Ontario, and especially to the children!  Can you please explain to me the physical dynamics of pre-pubescent children versus that of post-pubescent adults with reference to the ACE2, TMPRSS2 receptor cells membranes?  Explain how these fits into the narrative “protecting the children” with the VBGTs!

As you know Dr. B. Bridle has challenged federal and provincial medical authorities to an open and public debate on the science you have based your policies and mandates on.  Please take him up on his offer.  There needs to be a public airing of this matter.

As far as adverse reactions are concerned, I have relevant antidotal experience.  My heightened concern is for the welfare of the children.  Yours should be too!  This is because our Canadian/Ontarian adverse event reporting has been all but useless in tracking adult adverse reactions so why would we fare any better with keeping track of what happens to our children?  The following stories remain unrecorded in a Canadian VAERS system.  

My friend Karen’s father died of a stroke after his after his second mRNA inoculation.  12 hours after his second dose, he developed an extremely high fever.  He died just days after that. The death report indicated he died of a stroke.  No mention of just having his second VBGT injection.  Just another coincidence?  

My mother-in-law had a stroke after her 2’nd injection, and after her 3rd injection she had a seizure/collapse the day after, which resulted in 18 staples to close the top of head scalp wound. 

My friend a lawyer and former Police officer, had a “blistering” event and could not report the reaction to the injection as the pharmacy said, “Contact your doctor”, Thereafter his doctor said, “You did not get your shot here, contact the Windsor-Essex Health unit”, the Health Unit said, “contact the Province” the province said ” contact the Federal Government” and so it goes…  another reaction never recorded. 

Another friend Mel in Kingsville, his brother-in-law died on his 50th birthday with a heart attack literally in front of his friends four days after the second jab, and worse his wife’s arm is now magnetically strong enough not only to hold knives, forks and spoons, to her arm but also a Cell phone. These incidents are real and yet I don’t know anybody in “my circle” who has died of COVID yet…   I am not saying COVID is not a real disease, but what I am saying the Government actions are not proportional to the risks.

Please understand that if you do not work to explore the whole truth and share it publicly and harm comes to my young grandchildren because their parents, my children, are influenced by your public position I will hold you personally responsible for injury to them. I will spend the rest of my life working to hold you accountable if it is EVER found out that you DID NOT consider all the science, but instead opted to tow a party line that was not totally reflective of the whole of the science involved. 

There is a need for you to know this material completely and thoroughly. To not take to the time to learn and understand it in this time of deep crisis, would make you culpable in the misery of the people not only of your riding but indeed all of this great country called Canada.  


Dave Metcalfe, 

Leamington, Ontario

c.c. MPP Rick Nicholls for Leamington.

c.c. MP Dave Epp

c.c. Commissioner Ontario Provincial Police, Thomas Carrique,

c.c. Superintendent Brenda Lucki RCPM 

c.c. MP Craig Lewis

c.c. Mayor Hilda MacDonald, Leamington ONT

Dr. Bridle ( Guelph )

Doctor Roger Hodkinson ( Alberta )

An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter “

Dr. Hoffe (Lytton BC First Nations Doctor, did almost the whole town and studied the results )

Dr Francis Christian ( Saskatchewan )

Dr Julie Ponesse ( London, Western) bio ethics 

Dr. Rochagné Kilian of Owen Sound where she has been an Emergency Room doc for almost 5 years in that hospital, 15 years practicing ER medicine overall. Make sure you listen to the hospital CEO’s evasive statements to Dr .Kilian.

Doctor links: Robert Malone ( inventor of mRNA ). USA

Dr.Lee Merrit ( USA ) 


Del Bigtree The Highwire ( has many doctors interviewed ) EXCELLENT BIG PICTURE VIEW INCLUDES CANADIAN CONTENT VERY LONG…. 

The Goal of the Great Reset

An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter “


Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

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Webithon Wrap:


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