Hurry Up and Wait …. ( Christmas 2022 )

HURRY UP AND WAIT, Life as a corporate pilot in 2022…

I thought my last flight early in the year 2022 would indeed would be my last … I was yet fooled again as I am still flying. I started in 1971 as a young teenager, and this love still lives on.

I have had the luck of surviving yet another spin around the Sun, while my prop continues to makes its trip around its drive shaft in the TBM I continue to fly, albeit less often.

Much of the management of the aviation world still exists in a “woke state” to some extent, although many of the participants in this game are no longer buying into the false narrative that continues to circle the planet to some extent.  

I wrote this as I sat in the lunch room at a hangar waiting for the company’s American registered aircraft that I had flown in to a little airport just outside Toronto. I was there to get a compressor wash and a new battery installed.  When waiting for an aircraft undergoing a maintenance procedure it can be hours and hours… In this case waiting in a small poorly heated room, with some questionable luke warm sludge, suggested by some that it may be even coffee to consume while I waited. The maintenance people were very friendly and were indeed warmer than their coffee! So what to do… Read and write? Here it goes !!!

As I said I waited for my aircraft’s maintenance scheduled to be completed.  The morning moved on, and then the afternoon moved on, and I pondered our next orbit around the sun and considered some of the events of our last trip.  Will enough people “wake up” and truly understand what has been happening to their/our world.  My guess is maybe not.   I am a man, and, I don’t need special pronouns to describe my nature and this I hope is obvious. I am also a “Canadian” so I am also sorry that I have to tell you that … “Sorry” I am a Canadian… enough said!

BTW, If you cannot figure me out, who I am, I won’t be offended, and I won’t complain and I won’t demand justice.  I wonder once again …. Random thought … Where did our education systems fails us?  Random answer to random thought … I am not sure but it seems it has been failing us for a while. What should I do? Anything?

So I have come to believe it is necessary to reach out and help educate others where “the system” has failed them …. at least from my perspective. For me,  I know that I must and will continue to seek and speak the Truth as I understand it to be.  That is the role of every God fearing man… To speak out against injustice!

Just recently I met with a community group in southwestern Ontario where somewhere north of 200 people gathered to hear the dissenting voices from some of the medical establishment which included several doctors, nurses, pharmacists and an assortment of other medical professionals and many others who were gathered to hear and exchange information, some antidotal, and yes, some peer reviewed information that contradicts the Public Health Canada narrative.  

The consensus at that meeting from these many professionals was that over the last 3 years we have endured lie after lie from the mainstream medical establishment led by the Fauci wrecking crew, and those who follow him, directed and externally guided by the WHO and the WEF, and those less visible entities behind the resulting tyranny.  These people have been systematically been destroying our Western culture and society as we know it, with the intent to do just that…

The left leaning globalists are in alignment…. No more oil, no more agriculture, eat bugs, and, no more peace … engage in war at all cost…Their goal seems to be to shrink humanity from the face of the Earth.  And to profit from doing just that!

As news casters from around the world topple out of their chairs on live TV, and soccer players and other sport participants drop dead on the pitch, can the world’s population see that this is not normal?   It is not normal for young people to be stricken with MI and myocarditis.  It is not normal for large numbers of people to have life-threatening and disabling blood clots and rapidly growing cancers.  Since 2021 the death rate excess has skyrocketed.  Ask any knowledgeable life insurance company to review their stats.  Read those stats for yourself!  Year over year… 2020 over 2019, and then 2021 over 2020. and then to now. You will be shocked.

The doctors at the meeting that night presented statistical proof that these events correlate to the introduction and the mRNA/VBGT injections as mandated by mostly Western governments.  These governments are under the thumb of foreign influencers like the WHO, the WEF including the likes of Klaus Schwab and his minions including our own Justin Trudeau. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has clearly entered into a conflict of interest with respect to where her loyalties are placed as well.  She has put our country at risk, and with the top two politician positions of Canada captured by outside interest Canada itself is compromised.   

See the links on my previous blog with respect to the WEF statements that it has claimed ownership of the Canadian political establishment.  Nobody voted for them!  The “bought off” corrupt MSM were complicit in the shutting down i.e. limiting the knowledge of these external influences against the best interests of the Canadian public. 

On a more personal note, the numbers of people in my personal orbit who have been negatively affected are staggering, and has brought me to tears on several occasions. I have written about some of those in my previous two blogs.  I have added to their numbers since.  A few pilots younger than I have had a “bad stroke” of luck and passed away from just that! 

A couple of long time friends struggle with reduced lung capacity caused by multiple blood clots that have migrated from their limbs into their lungs.  One friend her doctor admitted to her that yes her condition could be related ( and it is likely related ) but as the doctors who spoke at that night’s event, they dare not say anything in public!  

Canadian doctors dare not ask for an investigation, less the weight of big totalitarian government and its controlled agencies come bearing down on them for opening a line of questioning that is not allowed in public.  The CPSO comes to mind as one of those agencies who now regularity seek out to censor its own membership and stifle scientific discourse in favour of “the narrative”.

At every turn fascism seems to have sprouted wings throughout the West and has imposed censorship and mandates that now can be seen not to follow biological science, but political science pure and simple.  

In one-on-one conversations with a couple doctors that night I was told by these highly qualified professionals that they were frightened to fly now… because their pilots may have and likely did comply with the mandates to save their jobs but now put the public at risk in their opinion.

I found out from these doctors that there are meetings like this all across the country…. In small towns and villages and even in large cities but away from the tyrannical oversight of their government overlords.   They are frightened of their own government! This my friends is in Canada.  

This is not conspiracy theory…. It is conspiracy fact.  If you have not had the time to read Robert F Kennedy Juniors’ book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, you should ASAP.  Read it, and bear in mind that this Kennedy comes from a long line of truth tellers and freedom fighters and it cost that family dearly.  Remember too, that RFK jr, has been a lifelong Democrat…  There is a video of the same name, and it mirrors very closely the book. It is worth a watch and you will find it on

Another good read, well documented is the book by Ed Dowd, “CAUSE UNKNOWN” 

Next time you are in for your booster be sure to ask your doctor for the product insert, and demand “informed” consent … You need to know this …. You need to know what your risks are!  What are your options should YOU be one of the many who have already suffered adverse reactions… and if they can’t clearly provide that data for you don’t take the shot… Period!  Research the statements in the EUP about the lack of testing of the transmissibility protection of the mRNA/VBGT inoculation.

You never were protecting Grandma or Grandpa, or the kids by complying.  

Well, the plane was made ready and I needed to bring on home, like this blog so to speak. My time in this room at the back of a hangar, ended …  So what do some pilots do while waiting around at the airport.  Maybe if there is a coffee shop nearby, enjoy a cappuccino.  Maybe people watch … Some like me, read studies, and write blogs about what they find out … That’s what I do.  

I do hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!   

For A-L-M-G …







Oh where darling girl, where did you go,

I love you then, as I love you now, Don’t you know?

We don’t read the same book, or sing the same song

But we are family and, Don’t we still belong ?







Dave Metcalfe


A  Asus swing

C run then A Asus swing

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