Flying goes on for me as a corporate pilot with a need to facilitate the travel for a corporation that is in the business of building and maintaining the infrastructure of society across the continent.


My past several flights have served to remind me of the depths to which the world has slipped into disarray, into a nothingness, in a mere matter of two months.  It’s like living within an episode of the “Twilight Zone”…


Fear evokes a primal response of a population inundated with 24/7 COVID cautions.  Yes I agree we need to be concerned about the health of the vulnerable, absolutely!  I am of the age demographic where it has been deemed that I am at risk.  But herein is a caution and a warning.  Things will NEVER go back to normal short of a grand scale awakening that makes people aware that there are “other casualties” and that they may soon surpass that of COVID illnesses.

The abundance of caution will not likely subside in my remaining lifetime.  People are already living in fear of their neighbour.  I have noted that some take precautions and “keeping safe” to an extreme.  Some, just the opposite no precautions whatsoever.  They are the few.


Many surgeries and medical treatments have been delayed perhaps too late for many to make a full recovery from whatever ails them.   They can’t get in see a doctor, and sometimes a phone chat just won’t do!

I have a 95-year-old mother in-in-law, bright as a tack in a local senior’s residence.  She is challenged by the fact that there is ban from any family visits from any of her children with not a hope in sight that restrictions will be eased.  She has said she can feel her life slipping away.  Can you see the need to balance the risks?  Perhaps testing and PPE might be an option to facilitate her receiving family visits.

The food supply is at risk as well and without the workers there would be no food.  And just who are these workers?  The truck drivers, grocery workers, road repair crews, oh, and don’t forget the people who make the tools, the repair materials, the plumbers, electricians, energy workers and so many others not excluding health workers of course. Don’t forget the pilots, engineers, flight attendants, the Air traffic Controllers that all help keep the system in motion… still.

So in the end without the society economically really opening up, it will crash and burn, just as though it was an aircraft inflight without fuel.  And like an aircraft in flight fuel exhausted it will crash and it will kill and cripple countless more. Time to rethink and redefine the options for the greater good.





The First Casuality


The first casualty of war is truth

E5                                        Esus4


Do you know who to believe

G                                       E5


If you think you know more than me

E5                                        Esus4


Maybe we both have been deceived. ( 2x)


G                                       E5    ( D#sus4,  C#sus4, Slide Down riff )


Trust in the plan, Trust in no one at hand

Beware of the silent enemy

A killer is loose and its killing us all,

As our freedom takes  a(the)  fall (2x) Slide



The cure they say is to keep us away

And they will follow us all of our days

Walk in the light if you dare

But don’t you dare come near (2x) Slide


In simpler times there used to be

Faith in God and our Country

Walk in fear of the guy down the street

Fearing it is me you might meet (2X) slide




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