Have Guitar Will Travel

Only last post I thought my career might be over…  and for many it is, due to the COVID19 virus.  Well my corporate job has required me to take to the wing once again southbound across the border for a business related trip.  As I write this I am camped out and self isolating in a hotel in Florida.

It was an eerie flight heading southbound as there was very little air traffic, resulting in an almost straight line clearance direct to our Florida destination after leaving Canadian airspace.  The ATC radio chatter was so quiet, that a couple times I called them just to make sure they were down there and we had not missed a frequency change.  This is almost unheard of!  The weather was good along the way, and there were no major issues with customs passage either.  Great service everywhere, including my hotel, but my room has me feeling a bit claustrophobic at times.  No matter how good room service may be, the view gets a bit stale at times.


Along with me in my travels comes a guitar.

A Beaver Creek 6 string Travel Guitar, which had been crushed on a previous trip under baggage, and repaired in my garage.   This device helps me maintain my sanity in an otherwise insane world.  So working on old songs and writing new ones… That’s my plan for the moment.  That’s what I’m doing to keep my sanity.  I am hoping to head back home soon, where once again I will be in self isolation, but at home,  with all the comforts thereof, until required for continued service to help the economy recover from the shutdown.

I can see the long term negative economic consequences of a prolonged event already beginning to take root.  It is going to be a turbulent ride.  I hope the cure won’t be worse than the disease, but I fear it just might be.  God help us all, please!


(Note to the Leamington/Windsor Regional Writers Group… next song almost complete, called “Causalities” will be inserted into this post soon so stay tuned.  Homework from previous session below )

This Flame

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