Warning, things are about to get hot…. Lest we forget…..



Like the red light on the Master Warning on the dash in the picture, there are warning signs everywhere, but few notice.  The economy is said to be picking up, but I see houses for sale from the Gaspe to Guelph remaining unsold….    I am not sure about “official stats” but my “Spidey Sense”  tells me something other than what MSM is trying to communicate.  I trust my Spidey Sense.

Every week there is another  “deal” to save the Euro-zone from collapse, and every week I hear from others such as Canada’s own prime minister that ( paraphrased)  “They are running out of runway” so another plan devised, and another announcement made.

I am trying to remember when the powers that be actually were able to justify coherently their insane actions in attempting to bring about “peace” throughout the “Stans” and those Middle East hot spots.  Have they yet actually left an area having made a “positive” contribution to the societies  in which we so thoughtfully engaged our military hardware towards the peace and prosperity  of those others?  Those others now, who, for the most part remain off our shores, are often holed up in the debris we created for them throughout their landscape through the use of our technology.

I am afraid, yes very afraid that we have forgotten the lessons from wars gone by and are moving headlong into a series of multiple conflicts including Syria, and Iran, perhaps including Yeoman, Lebanon and others.  The push-back, the blow-back, may come not from just the Syrians or Iranians, but from the Russians or Chinese who have just about lost patience with the West and its institutions now appearing to be riff with corruption within  the highest levels of governance.

We have within our borders many well intentioned citizens, but it is our weakness as a society that we are not able to stand up to those things we know that are wrong, but instead justify to ourselves that our our team is pure at heart, and uncorrupted, but,  deep down we know that to be untrue.  ( remember cognitive dissonance previous blog ) Oh yes, if you are part of the MSM, then do your job, tell the truth, and the whole truth, so help you God.

I wrote some time ago a song about the lessons of war, the words are as follows.  I am afraid, very afraid we have forgotten


04 Lest We Forget

Words and Music by Dave Metcalfe





When was it said it couldn’t happen again.  It could happen again.

It could happen again..

They did suffer the loss, they did suffer the pain.

Lest we forget,

Oh, Lest we forget


Take the lives of the virile young men,

Away to the front they will be sent

Always on guard ’til the last bullets spent

Lest we forget,

Oh, Lest we forget


Sisters Soldiers Flyers and Sailors

All who had lived the valour the horror,

All who gave all in their own country’s honour

Lest we forget,

Oh, Lest we forget


As time passes by our memories dim

History re-written, truly a sin,

Lessons not learned be repeated again

Lest we forget,

Oh, Lest we forget


When was it said it couldn’t happen again.  It could happen again.

It could happen again..

We would suffer the loss, We would suffer the pain.

Lest we forget,

It will happen again


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