Beauty is……………..

It goes without saying the pilot in me is a pragmatist at best.  We are trained to be suspicious when things appear to be going too well.  As I reviewed my own simple postings I can see where it might appear that there is nothing but darkness in my soul.   As I said, the pragmatist in me looks for those tell tale signs all is not well.  It has kept me alive for many years.

However as a pilot, and as part of humanity beauty does not escape me completely!  I have been blessed to see a world in all its beauty in ways that few get to see.  From different locations and with different  perspectives you can hardly imagine.

The picture above was taken on the Gaspesie ( the Gaspe for the Anglos amongst us )   A warm breeze carries the scent of the flowers mixed among the scents from the ocean.  Colour as one can only imagine…..  ( the camera gives it away just a bit )  My next picture might come from the Canadian Arctic, or Latin America.  Have you ever smelled the frozen sea-ice of the Arctic ocean in early Spring?  I have, and I can still recall with clarity the smells decades ago.

Ever wonder what it is like to see, no to be, the piercing of the clouds in the darkest of nights, onto and above the shimmering silvery moonlit cloud tops,  shedding the murkiness for a pristine view of the Milky Way?   Ever seen a thunderstorm at night from near atop?

I do have to learn more about stopping to smell the roses or whatever flower is nearby, and to stop and listen to the songbirds, or be one.  Despite and amongst the trials and tribulations as created by man ( mostly ) God has created an abundance of beauty.

When I forget how to see the beauty,  I just need to remember  the times spent with my grand daughter who has not yet discovered everything, and learn to see as if with “new eyes” in a way that she sees.  That first butterfly, and butterfly kiss, the sounds of crickets and frogs at night.   Thanks to friends and family who occasionally help me to remember to do just that……………. and a God who has created such for all to see, if that we would only look!   Blessings…..  Dave

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