Virtual World, Truth and Reality

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Virtual World, Truth and Reality

Aviation has an ethereal quality about it, and it often reflects those same qualities found within general society. There is chemistry between man and machine that at times is surreal. Aviation has moved in this realm since its inception and visions of aviators moving through clouds inspire to this day. From the bigger view of the cockpit windscreen, images are often seen from a vantage point that those riding in behind cannot even imagine.

Weather in the distance ahead, ever changing geoforms sliding underneath exist outside within view, whilst inside the cockpit’s digital world there are digitized displays of those same realities. Terrain displays, Traffic Collision warning systems (TCAS) and weather radar provide information that helps inform the pilot making decisions moment by moment. Occasionally there is a point that exist in flight however when common sense must take over, i.e. the ability to transcend the box with a cognitive recognition that defines a truth from an experience not ever considered in the virtual world. (i.e. the training world)

A more complete picture emerges of reality and of humanity can exist for those who have eyes that see and ears that hear with along with a perceiving heart or mindset.

“In this real world or exercise?” Aviation is sometimes blurred with simulations that can be so real so as to increase heart rate and sweat/pucker factor, when in fact there is no real jeopardy except loss of qualification to the aircrew so tested in that simulation. Problems may occur when the programmed training i.e. indoctrination has been so complete and so tested, that those situations that occur for which there has been no specific training cannot be handled safely as the individuals involved cannot think (and have been in fact trained not to think) outside of the box. This is becoming more of a problem for more than just aviators.

We as a society are being and have been programmed and led, and sometimes misled by societal leaders which place the larger good of society at risk for the sake of the private agenda interest that have often put them in positions of leadership in the first place. Profit and power top the list of agenda driven directions.

Often in today’s world, decisions are being made more by process rather than people with good common sense. Ever been asked to fill out a form, then to return the end of the line to resubmit the form again and again? Compartmentalization is when left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. The head may know, but the head keeps the isolation intact in order to maintain unquestioned control of the attached limbs.

Relationships with real people and real experiences are being exchanged for relationships and experiences found within only virtual realities. When the going gets tough the tough paste to Face Book. I know because I’ve done that myself. Not to discredit my Face Book presence, it is nice to know that friends and relatives living at a distance are doing well. I am glad when I see that an old friend or colleague’s child has graduated from Highs School or College, and saddened to learn of an old friend’s passing. Sad though when the virtual reality is the only reality. There is required a blending of the real world and virtual world, and the trick is learning on how to define and live within those differing realities.

Remember there are real people behind the virtual personas of social media and their lives are important! Also remember they are human, and humans make mistakes. Don’t forsake the chance to give a real hug in the real world whenever possible. Reach out and touch someone in 2015 and make a difference!

Happy New Year,
May the Odds be Ever In Your Favour!

Needless to say Favourites for the Year
Movies; Mockingjay ( Pt 1 ), Kill the Messenger, Exodus
Books; The Death of Money, PREM1A, POH, FOM, AFM

3 thoughts on “Virtual World, Truth and Reality

  1. so strange … I was thinking about the nature of reality while I worked today. Is reality what our political overlords (whoever they are) tell us it is? Is it our own experience, selective and contorted into something we find pleasant? Is it a disconnected experience unique to every individual? Are we a wonderful part of a holographic universe simulation projected into the ether from the mind of God?
    King Solomon was the wisest person ever and yet he was an agnostic – neither believing or unbelieving and he didn’t even come close to figuring it out.

    • I think it is a bit a both. A bit of “all of it”. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, but we own our reality. Our experience can be both unique and a shared human experience at the same time. That’s empathy in a way. You have not been to garbage dump where little children pick through your garbage as happened to me while I lived in PNG, but I am quite sure you can feel their need, their humanity. I have not lived your experience but God has equipped us both to be able to gain insight into how each other’s lives work. And we help each other out accordingly. Empathy. Blessings to you and your family Kirk in 2015. Sorry I was not there celebrating with you tonight, maybe next year! Keep Well. Dave

      • Bruce Durnin was a fine man. When I went to see him in YVR I almost did not past the secretary… I could see Bruce at his desk reading ( I thought a newspaper ) and she told me now way he was much too busy. I caught his eye as I talked to her and he waived for me to proceed into the office where we had that first chat. He was a fine man. I ran across him several times thereafter and found him to be every bit a credit to the company, and humanity. I am sure he was a good friend to many, including you Don. You are lucky to have had such a friend!

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