Truth and Evil, Engineering of Consent

When good men and women say nothing in the face of evil, evil prevails.  This is a paraphrased quote of an Edmund Burke paraphrase…   and this has had me thinking over the last several years.  I have come to the conclusion that we all battle the mainstream media’s conditioning over the decades that now has most of us living in a world of “Cognitive dissonance”

We know, or at least we think we know a truth, but then when considering the facts more closely we are left feeling that “our truths” are less than certain.

A few for you….

Wealth is good, more is better ( greed?)

Peacekeeping keeps peace ( war is necessary?)

Our leaders never lie, except in the distant past ( Nixon? )

They are poor because they are lazy ( Africa Haiti ?)

Compounding interest on pension savings will pay off ( service fees? )

Cash is real money ( gold or silver,  valueless commodities? )

The Mainstream Media is journalism at its best ( Does it ever really dig ?  How is it when Madoff made off with the money, MSM ignored the free exposes provided by 4 forensic accountants 9 years earlier?  Check out the documentary “Chasing Madeoff”)

The Twin Towers ( What about the third tower, the WTC # 7,  doesn’t that make it the Triple Towers?)

Edward Bernays was a genius!  ( Do we all suffer to some degree because of his ingeniousness? )

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