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On this blog I will post links to all the songs found within, and some others not associated with a blog per se…   As these songs are all original material that I have created I would encourage you to listen them, save them, and if you republish them then at least give me the credit.  The songs may be improved and edited as time allows, but having a real job it may be a while before I time to “Improve Them”.

I think my favourites still “Lest We Forget & Tree Fort”.  The first “Lest We Forget” my anti-war but support the military at the same time song.  My mom was a “Nursing Sister” in WWII.  My dad a doctor.  And the Tree Fort song was started over 30 years ago, in that the little child voice was a home tape recording of Alicia now in her 30s that was made when we lived in Grand Turk.  She like her daughter now, loved poetry, singing etc.  The laughing background was Jeff, Alicia and playing in the Tree Fort at our farm house near Mount Forest Ontario.  I knew how valuable that time was way back then…  It was never lost on me.


The First Casualty



Tree Fort



Around and Around We Go, by Dave Metcalfe



Lest We Forget, by Dave Metcalfe



Christmas Eve In Toronto, by Dave Metcalfe



Inside This Space, by Dave Metcalfe



Wewak Town, by Dave Metcalfe



Lost And Alone, by Dave Metcalfe



Warehouse Of The Aged, by Dave Metcalfe



Fireflies, by Dave Metcalfe



If Not a Cape, by Dave Metcalfe



This Flame, by Dave Metcalfe



Give It A Rest, by Dave Metcalfe



In The Game, by Dave Metcalfe



Gordon Lightfoot the Balladeer, by Dave Metcalfe



Broken Wing, by Dave Metcalfe



Lust for Money Matt 6:19 by Dave Metcalfe



Raise The Hands by Dave Metcalfe



If Only You Believe






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